Lars Samuelson's research is focused on the growth of semiconductor nanostructures, primarily nanowires, and the study of their optical and transport properties. Special emphasis is put on developing novel means of combining top-down patterning methodologies and bottom-up growth of nanowires to. The Nanowire Week will take place in Lund, Sweden from May 29 – June 2, Nanowire Week is the merger of two well-established and highly successful annual workshops: NANOWIRES and the Nanowire Growth Workshop. Nanowire Week will cover all topics of nanowire-related research, from fabrication and. Nanowire Biosensor. Development of an electrical biosensor using nanowire transistors and microfluidics. The goal is to get a sensitive, label-free and fast detection of biomarkers for medical diagnosis, bioprocess industry or environment monitoring. An electrical measurement without the need for adding fluorescent. nanowire

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